Thymes Hand Cream

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The richly blended crèmes deeply condition to leave skin moisturized and lightly scented. 

Each tube is 1 fl oz of hand cream. Available in the following scents: 

Eucalyptus: Invigorating eucalyptus oil, crisp Italian lemon, lush fir.

Olive Leaf: Fresh Sardinian laurel leaf, rich European patchouli, crisp balsam.  

Aqua Coralline: Pure water lily, dewy white cyclamen, intriguing bamboo.

Eucalyptus White Tea: Bright eucalyptus, herbaceous white tea, fresh fir needle.

Lavender: Velvety lavender, warm rosewood, earthly violet

Neroli Sol: Sun kissed neroli, sweet Valencia orange blossoms, tepid salty sea air.

*each sold separately 

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