Those We Love - 5" Standing Heart Memorial Stone

Those We Love - 5" Standing Heart Memorial Stone

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Our heart-shaped memorial stone, measuring 5.5" in size, is expertly crafted from durable resin with a textured off-white finish. This beautiful stone serves as a touching tribute to your loved one, creating a lasting memorial to honor their memory. Its heart shape symbolizes the love that continues to reside within our hearts, even after their physical presence is gone.

Place this memorial stone in your garden or any special place, providing a peaceful and comforting reminder of the cherished memories you hold dear. The stone bears a heartfelt sentiment: "Those We Love Don't Go Away They Fly Beside Us Every Day." The dark gray debossed text serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring love and cherished memories shared with your mother. Adding to its beauty, a handpainted embossed cardinal perches upon a delicate floral tree branch, symbolizing the presence of loved ones watching over us.

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