The Book of Colors: Learn All the Colors of the Rainbow

The Book of Colors: Learn All the Colors of the Rainbow

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Learn all the colors of the rainbow with tactile effects and die-cut windows in this vibrant and engaging book!


Introduce first concepts to your baby in a fun and easy way! Help your child identify colors by looking at these bright illustrations. This book uses tactile effects and die-cut holes to grab your child's attention and engage them as they learn. Each page is dedicated to one color so your child can recognize and distinguish between each one. With easy-to-read labels and bold color themes, you can point out the colors on the page and in the world around them to add to the learning experience. With this book, you will:

  • Strengthen your bond with your child and build a lifelong love of reading
  • Promote speech and cognitive development, prompt word recognition, and build reading comprehension
  • Encourage imagination and creativity in your child as they visualize concepts in their head and learn to spot the colors all around them every day

This multi-colored board book is perfect for little hands, and the thick pages are durable and long-lasting so they can survive all your baby can throw at them. Get your child started on colors with this brilliant book!

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