SoHo Car Pura Refill

SoHo Car Pura Refill

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Create the perfect driving experience with fragrance refills made just for your Pura car diffuser.

While most New Yorkers walk for their daily commute, taking in the sights and smells as they go, this scent gives you the benefits of both: the luxury of a drive and the scent of history and richness. SoHo’s star is sandalwood, made special by supporting notes of dark amber and soft musk. This combination is a blend that’s both regal, defined, and has a cologne vibe reminiscent of your favorite boutique hotel. Your drive just got elevated.

Scent Notes:

Top: calabrian bergamot, lavender
Middle: lily, tea leaf, violet, neroli, vetiver
Base: dark amber, sandalwood, leather, soft musk

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