Rosemary Lavender Shower Steamer - 4 pack

Rosemary Lavender Shower Steamer - 4 pack

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The Rosemary Lavender shower steamer will help calm and balance your mood before bedtime or help improve focus as you start your day.


YOU DESERVE ONLY THE BEST. Men, women, and teens can use a Luxiny Shower Steamer to transform their routine shower into an aromatic experience that can boost your mood, clear your mind, and reduce stress. Each Luxiny aromatherapy shower steamer is handmade in small batches and infused with more than 22 drops of professional-grade essential oils for a fragrant, long-lasting scent.

NATURAL AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. Made in America with premium, all-natural, cruelty-free ingredients, these vegan shower steamers are non-slip and safe for septic systems.

WATER ACTIVATED. Activate the tablet’s aroma by allowing some of the hot water to spray on the tablet. The hot water will begin to melt the tablet and trigger the release of the essential oil’s aroma into your shower’s steam.

INCLUDES A FREE MESH BAG. Extend the life of your shower steamer by placing it in the provided (in four packs) mesh bag dampen, then hang out of the direct spray.

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