ROOM & LINEN SPRAY - Original Fig

ROOM & LINEN SPRAY - Original Fig

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Room & Linen Spray - It's all about the scent. The Basil, Mandarin, and Kale scent is fresh and clean and smells just as good lingering in the air as it does freshen up your furniture. A few spritzes of this scented spray freshen the air while eliminating odours. It will also subtly scent your bed linens, curtains, and upholstery.

NO CHEAP, INDUSTRIAL FRAGRANCE: This is a world away from supermarket room sprays. Our fragrances are cosmetic grade and free from the potentially harmful chemicals commonly found in cheaper products.

Safe for use on all fabrics and surfaces not harmed by water.

ORIGINAL FIG: Our exclusive Fig fragrance has a global cult following for a reason. Fresh, ripe fruit is brightened with the zest of cranberry and bergamot. It’s a great way to perk up the darkest days of winter and welcome in the spring.

10 fl oz.

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