Paint Your Own Bath Bombs- 2 Unicorn

Paint Your Own Bath Bombs- 2 Unicorn

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These hand pressed bath bombs will make bath time exciting with their rainbow-colored fizzing and foaming action. These bath bombs are perfect for any occasion, party favors, Easter, birthdays, or Christmas! Great bath bombs for boys and girls! Children and adults will enjoy painting their own fun shaped bath bombs!

These Unicorn Bath Bombs are sassy and cute and will delight anyone who sees them.


DOUBLE THE FUN. These two sizable hand-pressed bath bombs come with six colorful paints and a paintbrush, and the paint is specially formulated not to activate the bath bombs.

NATURAL AND ECO FRIENDLY INGREDIENTS. We make these bath bombs with moisturizing, all vegan ingredients like Coconut Milk Powder and Sweet Almond Oil and will leave your skin feeling super soft!

WATER ACTIVATED. Activate the bath bomb by tossing it into warm bath water to release the vibrant rainbow foam and fizz as it dissolves.



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