Orange & Honey Petite Candle

Orange & Honey Petite Candle

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Cute and compact in a 4.3 oz jelly jar, our scented Petite Candle is perfect for pairing with a fragrance gift set or incorporating into your everyday decor!

Fragrance Description: Revitalizing through and through, Orange & Honey lands the senses amidst a picturesque orange grove where clusters of nature's candy gleam in ripened glory. Zesty citrus fuses with golden honey for an unbeatable combination.

- Burn within sight, Always trim the wick to 1/4 in before lighting the candle

- Keep the candle on a level surface away from drafts

- Allow the wax to pool to the edge of the glass before extinguishing the flame

- Avoid dropping debris, such as wick trimmings, into the wax

- Extinguish the candle when your wax level reaches 1/4 inch

Lifespan: 30-40 hours.

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