In Loving Memory - 6" X 3.5" Glass Keepsake Box

In Loving Memory - 6" X 3.5" Glass Keepsake Box

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Reverent frosted glass memorial trinket box, a tribute to honor your loved ones. Crafted with a metal frame structure, rubber feet and a mirrored interior bottom, this commemorative box exudes timeless elegance. Measuring 6" long, 3.5" wide, and 2" tall, it provides a gentle sanctuary to hold precious mementos close to your heart. The hinged lid closure, adorned with a delicate crystal accent knob, adds a touch of grace to this meaningful piece. Adorned with a vibrant red cardinal resting on a cherry blossom tree branch, the box lid carries the heartfelt sentiment "In Loving Memory." On the front side, you'll find the touching phrase, "When Someone You Love Becomes A Memory, That Memory Becomes A Treasure"

This exquisite trinket box is a beautiful reminder of the love and memories shared with your dear departed. Its elegant design makes it a meaningful keepsake to hold close during moments of remembrance and reflection.

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