Bourbon Royalty Fragrance Oil

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Bourbon Royalty Candle Company prides themselves on high quality and attention to detail and they provide a full line of scents inspired by the spirit and fragrance of the south. Each scent comes in a 1oz glass bottle.

Evangeline is an exotic floral fragrance with notes of chocolate and amber.

Opulence is a seductive fragrance that blends the notes of amber, plum, and cardamom.

Orleans Tea is a delightful aroma of ginger, lemon, and white tea.

Queen of Bourbon is a Bourbon Royalty favorite that marries the bite of rum with the sweetness of fruit.

Savannah Breeze is a rich blend of passion fruit, exotic peach, and jasmine.

Sugar Cane is a sweet combination of pineapple with soft notes of vetiver and sugar.

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