ZOX Nothing Is Impossible Kid's Bracelet

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ZOX Reversible Nothing Is Impossible Bracelet

Size Kid's

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves. We approach situations as an "end all, be all." Though, most times, that's just not the case. I remember growing up and telling my dad, "it's impossible! I can't do it." He would always say to me, "Nothing is impossible." It was a constant reassurance that I would sometimes scoff at, but it's an encouragement that we need to hear.  We won't be able to accomplish everything we set our minds to, yes, but that's not because it's impossible - it's simply because we aren't meant to do that. It can get confusing, frustrating, and hard to believe when we try to figure out if we're actually meant for something or not, but at the end of the day, it matters more that we tried to do it rather than that we actually did. Wouldn't you rather try and fail than do it and mess something up? I hope you're constantly reminded that nothing you do is impossible - it might just not be the right time for it to happen. Be bold.

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