ZOX Come Rain Or Shine Kid's Bracelet

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ZOX Reversible Come Rain Or Shine Bracelet

Size Kid's

If you waited for the perfect moment to take a leap of faith, you’d find your feet still on the ground as every opportunity passes by you. The timing will be off, the circumstances will be, well, not-so-ideal, or you won’t have all the resources you wish you had; there will always be a reason for you to stop. This isn’t to say your fears aren’t valid. It can be terrifying to move forward with your plans when the risk feels too high. When I was coming up on my college graduation, I was facing the COVID-19 pandemic, a not-so-stellar job market, and the reality of finding work in a saturated field. I held my goals tentatively in my hand, hoping that things would settle and I could move forward without dropping everything I worked for.

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