Three Little Shrimp Book

Three Little Shrimp Book

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Three Little Shrimp

By J. Steven Spires - Illustrated by Jonathan Caron

Three little shrimp eye the wonders around them and set out to explore their underwater world. There is only one problem: unseen dangers lurk in the water. What will they do? Dive into the sea to follow three very curious little shrimp as they innocently explore and narrowly escape becoming a predator’s next meal. Egrets, redfish, and loggerhead turtles all love shrimp. If they make it past those dangers, they still have to contend with fishermen! Three Little Shrimp is in its fourth printing and has sold more than 10,000 copies. This updated edition provides both readers and teachers information on this amazing crustacean with the addition of a page dedicated to fascinating shrimp facts.

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