Spongelle Private Collection Boxed Flower

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Spongellé has collaborated with FabFitFun to create limited edition Body Wash Infused Buffers! These buffers with built-in body wash are infused with extracts of yuzu, edelweiss and vetiver root to cleanse, exfoliate, massage, and hydrate the skin for a spa-like pampering experience at home. Good for 14+ uses.

Aurora Isles: 

Fragrance Notes
Top: Coconut Oil
Middle: Milk
Dry: Woody, Musky

Glistening Lavender:

Fragrance Notes
Top: Fresh Citrus, Green, Lavender
Middle: Violet, Cucumber, Cedarwood
Dry: Sandalwood, Musk

Sparkling Casasba:

Fragrance Notes
Top: Fresh Citrus, Melon, Apple, Marine
Middle: Ylang, Violet, Rose, Heliotrope
Dry: Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Amber

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