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Build Your Own Straws and Connectors Kit with 44 Letters and 4 Straw Bases - Fun Colored Educational Kids Toys or Party Favors. How do you spell fun? Yes, F-U-N is the traditional answer, though we’re anything but traditional. Spelly Straws are innovative, reusable drinking straws that you can mix and match to build new words, and make every drink pop with personality and fun. It’s a personalized, creative and educational way to sip that delights kids and adults alike. Sip sip, hooray! Spelly Straw Set Details 4 Straw extenders 44 Spelly Straw connector pieces Connector pieces include 26 letters from A-Z; extra A, E, I, L, N, O, Q, R, S, and Y pieces to create up to 300,000 words; and number and heart symbols for extra fun Made from food-grade BPA free plastic For ages 4 and up Dishwasher safe Hand wash if using with smoothies or thicker beverages