Plush Dino Mites

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Thesw lovable dino plush toys are designed with the most irresistibly soft fabrics - so soft, you'll never want to let go. They come in a perfectly size to hold and snuggle and is soothing to the touch, making it the best bedtime buddy. Realistic, but yet super cute design makes these perfect for decorating a room or nursery or being given as a gift for birthdays or special occasions The adorable stuffed dinosaurs are also bean weighted in order to keep it's sitting position.

  • Measuring at a convenient 7.5 in this plush these dinosaurs are big enough to cuddle with but small enough to fit into a backpack or a carry-on bag, to take everywhere you go.
  • Our unique dinosaur stuffed animal encourages creativity and imaginative play with children.

*Each one sold separately 

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