Natural Inspirations Cypres Soy Candle

Natural Inspirations Cypres Soy Candle

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8 oz/226 g

Bring beauty and warmth to your home with the exquisite fragrance of the Cyprés candle. This luxurious candle mixes modern, classic design with the intoxicating, room-filling scent of a cypress forest. Aromatic notes of fresh cypress and crisp fir mingle with eucalyptus and sparkling citrus for a dark green, earthy accord.

Meticulously crafted with a proprietary premium soy wax blend, this exquisitely fragranced candle infuses a room with exceptional scent and elevates everyday living.

Burn time 50 hours.

Packaged in a beautiful gift box.

An ideal gift for any loved one – including yourself.

Made in USA

We ship across the US!