Toys - Goldie Blox - SCENT LAB & ROOM DIFFUSER
Toys - Goldie Blox - SCENT LAB & ROOM DIFFUSER

Toys - Goldie Blox - SCENT LAB & ROOM DIFFUSER

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Can different smells make you feel happier? If they’re made from essential oils from plants, they can help! Build an oil aroma diffuser that you can decorate with stickers and pom-poms. You can choose from an array of soothing scents including patchouli, lemon, lavender, peppermint and sweet orange oils. Afterward, you can pour your aromatic fragrances into the included gift bottles and label them to give to your friends and family.

●     Learn what makes essential oils so essential.
●     Know why these oils affect our moods.
●     Discover what our limbic system is and how it functions in our body.

Kit Includes:
- Light-up color changing diffuser
- Blending station
- 5 bottles of essential oils (lavender, lemon, patchouli, peppermint, sweet orange) 
- 4 blending bottles with dropper tips
- 5 pipettes
- 4 felt rings
- 4 storage cases for felt rings
- Plastic tweezers
- Diffuser cone
- 30 mini pompoms
- Glue dots sheet
- Gold stickers sheet
- Decorative stickers sheet
- Label stickers sheet
- 8 scent tester strips
- Recipe cards (2 English & 2 French)
- Hack & Facts cards (1 English & 1 French)
- Instructions