Gumbo Set (Cookbook, Towel & Spoons)

Gumbo Set (Cookbook, Towel & Spoons)

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What a great set for a gift for your Louisiana loving family or friends, or just for yourself!  Set comes with a gumbo cookbook, a set of 6 gumbo spoons, and a tea towel. 

Gumbo from How to Wow is a book for gumbo cooks from beginners to experts. This book has it all! It explains the process of making gumbo -- a roux, stock, okra vs. filé and lots of Helpful Hints. By the time the reader is ready to tackle the actual recipes, he’s ready to do it his way, traditional or quick and easy. The Lagniappe section of the book includes bonus recipes like Cajun and Creole Spice Mixes, Candied Yams and Pralines.

The Perfect Gumbo Spoon® Cherished everwhere, the fleur de lis is a symbol of home and family. It's an enduring remnant of French culture left over in America. The sleek, scalloped edges and embossed fleur pattern in our Orleans spoon is graceful and majestic.  At nearly seven inches and with a robust bowl, this spoon is  addition to any flatware set. 

 Towel A great kitchen towel which will work well with your whole gumbo theme and display. The towel is colorful 100% cotton and generously sized. Makes a great gift, especially when combined with gumbo spoons and books. 

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