Colorful Bath Balms & Prizes

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Pick your favorite scent of bath balms to give as a gift or to just treat yourself! Each bath balm comes with a fun prize inside. We ship across the US! 

Watermelon Sugar: Refresh your senses with the sweet summertime aroma of our “Watermelon Sugar” Bath Balm! The fruity scent of watermelon will leave your skin refreshed and make your next bath a sweet retreat! Surprise Inside: Sugar Lip Scrub

Wild Thing: Wild thing, you make my heart sing! Make bath time groovy with our wildest bath balm yet with the tangy scent of lemon essential oil.

Happy Birthday: Make everyday feel like it's your birthday with a confetti-filled bath! Don't forget to make a wish! 

Butterfly Kisses: Spread your wings and fly with our all new Butterfly Kisses bath balm. With swirls of orange and pinks you'll be ready for take off and to kiss the days with whatever comes your way.

Yellow Submarine: Full steam ahead, we all live in a yellow submarine (bath!). The aromatic fragrance will leave your skin smelling so sweet and bring summertime to your bath. Enjoy this refreshing bath balm to hydrate your skin this summer!