Bourbon Royalty - 28oz Fleur de Lis Mercury Candle

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New Bourbon Royalty candles in beautiful Mercury Glass Fleur de Lis container, which can be used for many different things once your candle has burned out.

Bourbon Royalty Candle Company prides themselves on high quality and attention to detail while making 100% soy wax candles in various sizes. They provide a full line of scents inspired by the spirit and fragrance of the south. 

Evangeline - An exotic floral fragrance with notes of chocolate and amber.

Opulence - A seductive fragrance that blends the notes of amber, plum, and cardamom.

Orleans Tea - A delightful aroma of ginger, lemon, and white tea.

Queen of Bourbon - A Bourbon Royalty favorite that marries the bite of rum with the sweetness of fruit.

Sugar Cane - A sweet combination of pineapple with soft notes of vetiver and sugar.

Vieux Carre  - Wander through the old square in New Orleans to encounter an amazing blend of tea, amber, patchouli with a sweet hint of cotton candy.

Zydeco Amber - Like music to your ears.  Your nose will tingle with aromas of deep musk, amber and sandalwood with hints of cedar and sage.

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